Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Price or commission

Price or commission ...?

In the world of marketing, of course our goal is a big turnover with a maximum profit.

Every effort is taken to achieve that goal,

From playing prices, discounts besar2an, buy 2 can be 1, buy a house free blackberry, free first buyer DP, and other variasi2 sangat2lah marketing in the world .. much .. maybe you can even find a new way.

More strategies are more choices, yet more problems, lack of focus and lebih2 we are not experts in their field.

What will we learn today is sama2,, between the option price or commission following the war which maximized the affiliate / distributor.

Yup .. one by one we semua.pertama surgery about a price war, price war in the conventional world is very dominant, it will often be a solution to achieve the turnover is great .. yes, that's right .. I said turnover instead of profit .. because it focuses only merchandise quickly run out or a turnover or even just looking for cash.

Price wars have many adverse implications for the business especially for the vision of a more panjang.dengan price decompress minimize the production cost of quality dehingga ignored, maybe one or two times the consumer is still buying, but then they can choose the better, because they really want quality rather than price.

Dramatic effect, with lower prices fast auto goods laku.cepat known, quickly hunted down and many customers quickly .. but with accumulated profits of small J, hehe ..

The Commission is identical with the people, who are often most people better at selling himself than serahin broker / broker who thinks that should didapat.padahal dividing income if you're observant realtor has many keunggulan.salah only make our work easier and your efisien.artinya susah2 not need to sell products anda.yang you need to focus on recruiting sales .. educates them to become sellers who handal.selanjutnya you better focus on business development.

The Commission is mostly focused on profit and revenue that is divided, but it is a "sense" .. you need is the nominal form of profit is not the sense.

That gini .. suppose you'll sell a house with a price of 1 Milyar.itu is ninimal limit value.

If you fight the price then you will struggle to get above that price, eg, you want a nett profit of 250 million then its 1.25 billion .. wow